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Preventitive Resin Restoration (PRR)

Where there is a fissure or pit in the top of the tooth, the groove is often treated with a Sealant covering that lasts 2-10 years. There may be decay deep inside the tooth that is difficult to detect either by clinical exploration or with an X-ray. If decay is present and not removed, it can continue to enlarge unnoticed under the protective Sealant and cause further damage to the tooth.

Preventative Resin Restoration (PRR)

  • Cleans the groove
  • Checks for hidden decay
  • Removes decay if present
  • Replaces cavity and seals the groove with a permanent filling that will protect the tooth from further decay.

PRR is better than a Sealant because it does not allow decay to form inside the tooth. But it is smaller than an average filling.

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