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Pain Management
Fear of pain is the number one cause of avoiding the dental office.  We are sensitive to you past experiences and are ready to change your experience.  We are sorry that you were hurt in the past and have many options to help. We always start with compassion and understanding along with calm care. You need to know that you know yourself better than we do…and we welcome your help in making sure you are ok and comfortable.  
We use can use an oral sedative the night before your visit and the morning of (when you have a driver) to allow you to worry less prior to your appointment. We can use nitrous oxide while in the office to decrease anxiety.
 If you use nitrous oxide, you do not need a driver to and from your appointments. We offer gentle anesthetic techniques. To minimize discomfort, we use topical anesthetic, warm anesthetic,  different types of anesthetic and skilled delivery methods that our patients say is a lot better than they remember.  I have even had kids surprised when they learn what we did.

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